Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hosting A Dumb Supper

Guess who's coming to dinner this time!  Dumb Suppers are a type of ritual where you offer food to the dead by inviting them to dine with you while remaining "dumb" (aka silent).  Offering food to the dead is a tradition stretching back to the most ancient of times.  Aside from the obvious - having food - you must set up a plate for the dead (food and all) and you ABSOLUTELY MUST REMAIN QUIET.  From the time you start setting the table to the clearing of the table, remain quiet.  This way you can focus and be more open to the visiting dead.
Just kidding!

What are the steps you need to take for a Dumb Supper?

  1. Invite your guests, alive and dead.  Let the living know that there are to be no phones, no talking, and no photography during the supper.  The living cannot disturb the others by arriving late.
  2. Have your menu planned out.  It's always classy to share it along with your invite, along with the rules for the evening.  You may want to plan for before and after dinner libations where your living guests are invited to speak.
  3. Have the Dumb Supper ready to go by the time your guests start to arrive.  Tell them the rules once again.  This is a low-level form of seance.  If you have invited a specific dead person or left it open ended, let everyone know.  They should focus their energy on the invited dead during the meal.  I would suggest having the table set, including an extra setting for your invited dead before people arrive.
  4. Have everyone move to the dining room in complete silence.  Table candles may be lit at this time.  As the host, you can start bringing out the food.
  5. As everyone dines in silence, be aware of the space around you.  Do you hear any voices?  Do you feel anything?  Do you see anything?  Continue with dinner until you are entirely through the dessert course.
  6. When everyone is finished, allow them to leave the room to a space where they can freely talk without disturbing the others in the dining room.  Once everyone has left the dining room and plates have been cleared for the evening, the Dumb Supper is over.
  7. Talk with your guests about the Dumb Supper.  Enjoy an after dinner libation.  Relax.

There are a lot of variations for Dumb Suppers.  Here are a few.  You can pick and choose what you want to do for your Dumb Supper.
  • You must do everything backwards - serve food, start with dessert, etc.
  • Those eating the meal must help prepare the meal.
  • Samhain/Halloween is the best time for Dumb Suppers.
  • Host dinner at midnight.
  • You can communicate with the dead by writing notes on paper and burning them in an adjacent fireplace.
  • Create a beautiful table setting for the Dumb Supper.
  • For a specific invited spirit, you might want to include a food they liked when they were living.
  • You can use a bell to signal the start and end of the Dumb Supper.
  • Sometimes the spirit's plate of food was left out overnight for them to enjoy.

How to invite the dead?
  • You can open a window or door and simply vocalize your invitation.
  • If the person is someone buried locally, you can leave them an invite when you visit their grave.
  • Meditate on the invite for a few days ahead of the dinner.

Consider this:
  • Use candles and lamps - no electric lighting.
  • Use fancy dinnerware.
  • Use name placards.
  • Use incense that invites the spirits.
  • You can scale this for one person and one dead invite to however many people and the dead you want.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Coffee & Death - July & August

Looking at finding interested people in Fairbanks, AK.  All through July & August, 8:30AM on every Saturday @ Venue (downtown Fairbanks).  Come join us for 'Coffee & Death'!

If you don't know what to talk about, talk about the film or cartoon Beetlejuice.  Did you like or dislike how they portrayed the afterlife (aka the Neitherworld)?  Did you find any hidden truths?  Are there other films in which you find some hidden truths regarding the afterlife?

If you don't want to talk about Beetlejuice, you can talk about anything else death or afterlife related!  It's so vast!  Maybe you're just itching to start reading Dante's Divine Comedy or you're interested in funerary practices or something completely different.  Join us and talk to us!

You can find more information on the facebook site:

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Shopping

I love scouring the web for creepy things.  Anything that is here will end up in the links page, in case you need it in the future.

Creepy Co.
This website has some SUPER fun creepy clothing, patches, stickers, other stuff, and even it's own Creepy Club that you can join.  I might have to get the button-up Goosebumps shirt for my nephew for Christmas or something.  I really love the retro Beistle Halloween stuff that they have.

Demeter Fragrance
I swung by this site because I heard they had Elvira perfume, which they totally do.  That's not what I bought.  I ended up getting 2 small bottles of Earthworm and Funeral Home.  I generally mix them both together to get that "fresh grave" scent.  In case you're curious, Earthworm smells like wet soil and plant mulch and a little decay; Funeral Home smells like funeral flowers and old furniture.  They have a vast selection of scents ranging from the usual to the strange (like kitten fur).  Check them out and read the reviews.  I am super happy with my two bottles.

Fright Rags
This shop has horror movie shirts.  There is a good selection.  I'll be honest, I get sick and tired of t-shirts.  They have a few other items available like trading cards and stuff.  On the fun side, they do have their own selection of retro art, cult classic films, and monster cereal shirts.

Gravestone Artwear
This site has been around for quite a while.  If you're looking for a gravestone rubbing kit, a t-shirt with a print from a gravestone rubbing, or herbal soaps, this is the place.  $30 for a gravestone rubbing kit.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Happy Birthday, Bangs!

Typically, we would celebrate with the Bangers Ball, but I'm still looking for members for my chapter of the society.  Feel free to snag the picture and post!

Monday, May 7, 2018

First Public Meeting!

Banger Society, No. 1 is gearing up for the first public meeting - which means anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

Our first public meeting will be May 26th, 8am-9:30am @ Venue - Fairbanks, AK.  Look for the coffin picture.

It's okay to show up just to get a feel for the group.  If you want to come prepared mentally, I suggest watching "Defending Your Life" and "Beetlejuice".  These are both comedies that feature the other side.  Do they hold any truths?  What do you like or dislike about them?  

This meeting is not a Death Cafe or a meeting for a ghost investigation group.  While we might talk about these things, that's not the main focus of the Banger Society.  We're interested in the afterlife - what it is, various perspectives on it, etc - as well as spiritual communication, graveyard activities, funerary practices, etc.  You can read about it in ABOUT.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bangers Society, Revamped

The Banger Society lives again!

I tried putting this together back in 2012, but the timing was just wrong.  Now in 2018, I have a little time to try it again.

What Is The Banger Society?
The Banger Society is a club for those interested in learning about the afterlife, death, and related topics.  While the society takes the topics seriously, we always have time for death jokes and puns.  Putting the FUN back in Fun-eral!

Want To Join?
If you are interested, you can join us!  Click on the 'About' tab up top and read - make sure this is what you want to join.  From there you can find a link on creating your own local chapter of the Banger Society.

If you happen to be in Fairbanks, Alaska, you can join Banger Society, No.1.  Our first public meeting will be May 26th, 8am-9:30am @ Venue - Fairbanks, AK.

What is the Banger Society?

My first video for the Banger Society.  I kind of winged it.